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G'day! It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves to you and tell you about what we do. Obviously, it’s got something to do with booze, or rather wine, to be precise. Not just any wine, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s just say for now that we’re all about life and enjoying the good in it.

We’re a few blokes (friends, really), who love life and people, and just think that the world is better off if everyone can have a good time, regardless of where we come from or what we believe. We also happen to like wine. A lot. Particularly those from Down Under, which begs the question ...

Why Aussie Wines?

For starters, most of us began discovering wines during our time there. Sentimental reasons, check. Australia is also recognized as a world-class producer of awesome wines. That’s credibility right there. Yes, there’s plenty of good drips from all over, too – the Old World, California, Argentina, Middle Earth – but we’ve noticed that Malaysia is flooded with so many Australian labels it’s often hard to find a good, solid bottle you can ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over.

We believe awesome wines are a result of awesome fruit and, more importantly, awesome people. Folks who are passionate, experienced & love what they do. So we went looking for these people, and we found wines to die for.

You see, the wines we bring present more than a delicious drink. Sure, they were crafted to express the land and all that fancy, but ultimately, our winemakers want to give others something to smile about. Something to remember.

Long Story Short

In short, we have a range of fantastic wines, which we’d love to share with our fellow Malaysians. We want to show that there’s more to Australia than Penfold’s and Henschke; that there are small producers creating sustainable, unbelievably flavourful wines that have elegance, complexity and even enormous ageing potential.

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“Purveyors and exporters of fine Australian wines from boutique, high-quality producers.” ~ Monica Tindall, Editor of The Yum List

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Telling Tales

Every wine we bring in has a story to tell and we love to tell stories.

There's an adventure in every glass of wine, see and hear where our wines come from and about the people behind them.

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