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Boat O'Craigo

Presided over by the imposing Black Spur Ranges (after which some of their wines are called), this is one producer that easily stands out from the crowd. An unorthodox-sounding brand, Boat O'Craigo owes its name to a farm near the ferry docking in Craigo, Scotland, whence the family's ancestors hail from.

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Connor Park

Connor Park sports some of the oldest blocks of Shiraz in the region and a number of other varieties as well as some centenerian lemon trees ... and sheep (but of course!) that graze among the vines. The enterprising family also runs a nearby eatery, the Marong Family Hotel, where they showcase their wines alongside other regional drops.

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Domaine Asmara

Situated in Heathcote (the acclaimed up and coming region that is said to rival the best of the Barossa, and one of the warmer areas of Victoria) is the abode of Andreas Grieving & his family, who take a very hands-on approach in every aspect of their business. Indeed, they participate in everything from planting to pruning to picking and of course, winemaki

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Hailing from Germany and a winemaking family with a history of over 400 years, wine is in Timo's blood (one would not be faulted to think wine IS his blood). Leaving these roots to settle in the Yarra Valley, he worked with the likes De Bortoli and Gembrook Hill before launching his own namesake label, to make the wines he wanted: true reflections of the reg

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Mount Mary

The wines of Mount Mary have a legendary status in the annals of Australian wine history. Rare and highly sought after by collectors, the modest production is quickly snapped up every year. Thanks to the passion of the late Dr John Middleton (founder) to make what the country had yet to produce - a refined and elegant Cabernet - the vineyard was one of the f

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Provenance Wines

Helmed by the unextinguishable drive of Scott Ireland, Provenance Wines champions the understated western regions of Victoria. From their beautiful winery based in Geelong, wines of balance are constructed with one ultimate goal: to showcase the provenance of site and purity of fruit.

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Hidden gem, lucky find, secret weapon... whatever you call this unassuming family-owned and run vineyard, it is brilliant. From 'hobby farm' in 1979 to the quiet powerhouse it is today, Rusden has a small and faithful, almost fanatical, following.

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Vignobles Bardet

Making a grand cru is no small feat. It requires the resolve to adhere to strict regulations, and the skill to meet high expectations the world over. Such was the passion that drove brothers Thibault and Paul-Arthur to make Dornish wine, the fantastical epitome of the divine drink from the acclaimed Game of Thrones series.

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100% Boutique

All of our wines are from small-batch producers. Our wines are painstakingly sourced for its authenticity, quality and winemakers' unwavering commitment to their art!

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