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Provenance Wines

The Truth of Place
  • James Halliday Red 5-Star Winery
  • James Halliday 'Best Value Winery of the Year 2019'

Helmed by the unextinguishable drive of Scott Ireland, Provenance Wines champions the understated western regions of Victoria. From their beautiful winery based in Geelong, wines of balance are constructed with one ultimate goal: to showcase the provenance of site and purity of fruit.

It is no wonder that this small but passionate team is leading the charge of the Western Districts and beyond into the forefront of Australian fine wine. With every vintage, the mantra remains the same: that it is all about where the grapes come from. That's why Scott identifies the source of the fruit on his labels. "The vineyards are everything," he declares.

Indeed, the wines are distinct in character, each having its own tale to tell. Like a storybook, but tastier!


The Spot

Or spots, rather, meticulously selected for their outstanding provenance.

The Dirt

From clay to basalt to Ordovician - a range of soils, a range of stories.

The Fruit

Grown in harmony with place and climate; treated with the utmost respect.

The Art

Understanding the fruit where they come from forms the basis of the crafting of each wine.

Wines by Provenance Wines