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"Everything's better with some wine in the belly"

Tyrion Lannister

Strine Wine Co, Australian Boutique Wine

"Steering away from the better-known regions in the country, The Strine Wine Co guarantees you’ll find something interesting in their portfolio." - The Yum List's takes a dive into some of the 42 new wines available from The Strine Wine Co.

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"Wine is the only artwork you can drink"

Luis Fernando Olaverri

Strine Wine Co, High Quality Australian Wine

“Purveyors and exporters of fine Australian wines from boutique, high-quality producers.” - read all about The Yum List's take on Strine Wines!

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Rusden Wines at Vineria IT with The Strine Wine Co

Come with me on a journey over deep waters and through never-ending blue skies. To a corner of the globe where the relationship between winemaker and the land has earned this wine producing region the reputation of one of the very best in the world. Come with me to the Barossa Valley.

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100% Boutique

All of our wines are from small-batch producers. Our wines are painstakingly sourced for its authenticity, quality and winemakers' unwavering commitment to their art!

Payment Options

At the moment we only take payment via Maybank QRPay and Internet Banking but we're working on more ways to make payment easier for you.

Next Day Delivery

We guarantee next-day delivery (even on weekends) but if you want your grog earlier (or later) just drop us a line and let us know what works for you!

Buy More, Save More

No hefty markups BUT if you buy 6 or more bottles (mixed if you like) the price goes down. Buy 12 and the discount gets bigger! Shop Now