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Domaine Asmara

Domaine Asmara

Drive. Passion. Love.
  • James Halliday 5-Star Winery
  • Halliday Wine Companion 'Best New Winery 2014 - Top Ten'

Situated in Heathcote (the acclaimed up and coming region that is said to rival the best of the Barossa, and one of the warmer areas of Victoria) is the abode of Andreas Grieving & his family, who take a very hands-on approach in every aspect of their business. Indeed, they participate in everything from planting to pruning to picking and of course, winemaking.

Their unwavering dedication to their craft shows in the quality and consistency of their wines, many of which are award-winning. The attention to detail is obvious, to the benefit and pleasure of anyone who gets the chance to enjoy their handcrafted vintages.

It's an understatement to say Domaine Asmara is truly a labour of love.


The Spot

Vines carefully tended by hand, in a temperate climate with evenly distributed rainfall.

The Dirt

Ancient Cambrian red soils, free draining but with excellent water retention, reducing the need for irrigation.

The Fruit

Low yields of small, concentrated berries resulting in depth of flavour & colour.

The Art

Tirelessly caring for the vines while Mother Nature does her magic.

Wines by Domaine Asmara