Wines By Vignobles Bardet

Vignobles Bardet

Vignobles Bardet

Bordeaux's Boldest
  • Saint-Emilion Grand Cru producer
  • Origins dating back to 1704, beginning with Mon. Seigneriau, a river-faring trader

With a past spanning 3 centuries and 4 grand cru labels, the famille Bardet is very much the definition of Bordeaux aristocracy. Yet, there is only unpretentious enthusiasm for what they do. And perhaps a touch of craziness. What else could incline a top producer to create a wine based on fiction?

Making a grand cru is no small feat. It requires the resolve to adhere to strict regulations, and the skill to meet high expectations the world over. Such was the passion that drove brothers Thibault and Paul-Arthur to make Dornish wine, the fantastical epitome of the divine drink from the acclaimed Game of Thrones series.

What is most salutory was their attitude: they treated it as more than a fun project, and like true vignerons maintained the utmost respect for fruit and terroir. After much research and over 40 pages worth of notes, they crafted two interpretations of what they envisioned Dornish wine to be.

Unfortunately, as things go back here in the real world, they were asked by the owners of the show to halt production as official merchandise wine had already been licensed to producers in the US. In appreciation of their genuine love for the show, however, they were allowed to sell what they had already made.

We, who love stories, whether bound in book or bottle, are ecstatic to be the ones, like the river-trading progenitor of the Bardets, to bear these limited wines to Malaysia.


The Spot

Cotes de Castillon and Saint-Emilion, one of Bordeaux's hallowed grounds.

The Dirt

Sandy soils to reflect the geography of the fictional land of Dorne.

The Fruit

Merlot, a grape suited to the soil, sourced from warmer vineyards.

The Art

Unprecedented creativity to craft what does not exist, under the hand of experience.

Wines by Vignobles Bardet