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Boat O'Craigo

Boat O'Craigo

Journey of the Senses
  • Halliday Wine Companion 'Dark Horse Winery of the Year 2018'

Presided over by the imposing Black Spur Ranges (after which some of their wines are called), this is one producer that easily stands out from the crowd. An unorthodox-sounding brand, Boat O'Craigo owes its name to a farm near the ferry docking in Craigo, Scotland, whence the family's ancestors hail from.

Finally putting down roots in the Yarra Valley, founders Margaret & Steve Graham have nurtured their beautiful vineyards into a multi-generational, family business of burgeoning success. No effort was spared in making Boat O'Craigo a recognized and respected name with much thought put into every endeavour, in particular the care of the vines in every vintage.

The Grahams' emphasis on relationship is evident in their partnerships and incredible teamwork. Winemaker Rob Dolan, an expert of the Yarra Valley terroir, has been pivotal in creating a style that is unique to this label whilst maintaining the expression of the land.

We trust you will enjoy the fruit of their labours as we have. It is surprising, exciting and ultimately pleasing.


The Spot

Their original Kangaroo Ground vineyard & the second, cooler Healesville: two magnificent sites on the Yarra Valley Floor.

The Dirt

Rich black volcanic basalt (for reds) and alluvial river gravels (for whites), both ideal & instrumental in producing incredible fruit.

The Fruit

Sun-loving black grapes & early-ripening white varietals, harvested at low yields with great concentration.

The Art

A tight-knit family & close partnerships result in wines that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but full of character & quality at exceptional value.

Wines by Boat O'Craigo