Fourth Wave Tread Softly Moscato 2021

Fourth Wave Wine, South Eastern Australia (Australia)
10.0 % ABV (750 ml)
RM 70.00
  • Sweetness
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Finish
  • Fizziness

Slightly sweet, light bodied, slightly acidic, medium finish, very gentle fizz
~ Tread Softly plants 1 Australian native tree for every 6 bottles sold. 250,00 trees planted to-date and counting!


Tread Softly is a contemporary range of wines seeking to deliver delicious, intensely flavoured wines that are naturally medium weighted and moderate in alcohol. By using more sustainable vineyard management and wine-making techniques to ensure their production has had a minimal impact to the environment. Tread Softly is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and so commits to planting an Australian Native Tree for 6 bottles sold.

Vineyards: Sourced from established vineyards of the rich soils of the border of Victoria and South Australia. The vines are mostly dry-grown and utilise expert canopy management to help to control ripening and vigour.

Winemaking: Harvested in the cool of the morning to avoid the warmer temperatures of the day. The fruit is quickly delivered to the winery for chilling and crushing prior to a regular fermentation in stainless steel tank. Natural bubbles are achieved by secondary fermentation in charmat tanks (high pressured stainless steel).

Vintage: If 2020 was all about the heat, then 2021 will be remembered as the wet season. In many parts of Australia, it was unseasonably wet in winter but not at critical times to do damage nor impact the resultant ripeness of the grapes. A cool and dry summer meant even ripening was achieved between dry and rainy spells and the ensuing fruit quality was excellent and for once yields were up making for a bumpter harvest in 2021.

This wine plants trees!

In order to give something back to the environment, we decided to plant an Australian native tree for every dozen boĴles of Tread Softly sold. Now that we have planted close to 200,000 trees in conjunction with Carbon Neutral, our next goal is to plant 250,000 trees to help address the urgent need for an extensive, long-term regeneration program.

Tasting Notes

An aromatically fresh Moscato with lively suggestions of musk and orange with a distinctive floral lift. On the palate there’s a gentle effervescence delivering a burst of sweet citrus fruit. It offers pure refreshment and soft cleansing acidity on the finish making it a perfect brunch option for a spicy Asian salad or even a fruit pavlova.

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